Toowoomba Road Trip a SUCCESS

Partnerships and co-working collaborations are an important part of P2P’s future business developments. The new community partnership team of P2P network at every opportunity to build relationships that will be of benefit to the people and families that connect to our services. One such partnership that we have had the opportunity to test drive recently is Nationwide Mobility Vehicles

Although we have known Donna and Jack Reilly from Nationwide Mobility Vehicles for well over a year we haven’t had a chance to really report on the service that they deliver to people with a disability other than by referral.

A road trip to Toowoomba gave us the opportunity to test drive one of their Mazda 2 wheelchair accessible vehicles. Driving the vehicle to Toowoomba was a breeze and the only thing that was different from a normal vehicle was the slow drive up the steep hills. The ease of transporting our new P2P coordinator Sybilla McIntosh to networking and agency meetings was a seamless exercise once we had got the momentum of entering and exiting the vehicle. From a passenger perspective, Sybilla really enjoyed having the visibility and being in close proximity to contribute to the front seat conversations.

Showcasing the vehicle at all networking events spiked agencies interest in both the hire/purchase options.

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Sybilla next to one of Nationwide Mobility Vehicles

Sybilla next to one of Nationwide Mobility Vehicles

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