Futures Planning with PATH

What is P.A.T.H?

P.A.T.H stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope.

  • It is a globally recognised visual person-centred planning and goal setting tool developed by Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint and John O’Brien
  • It uses graphics to map out a vision of a desirable future for an individual or a group of people.
  • A person who can not read, can be assured their goals and dreams are correctly expressed
  • It helps participants and their supporters focus on NDIS goals, implementation of the goals and future planning

What is the Process?

  • The participant (Pathfinder) is supported by those who care about them, and who are interested in helping them move toward their goals.
  • Two of P2P’s trained staff facilitate the process.
  • It uses colourful and creative images and drawings that provide memories without relying on words.
  • These images and colours assist in creative thinking, provide energy and support memory.
  • Goals are set, as part of the journey, then actions to achieve these goals are recorded.

Why have a P.A.T.H done with P2P?

  • It is an effective tool to help problem solve complex situations that need effective intervention. Especially if previous tools have not worked.
  • P2P works together with all parties in the best interest of the person with a disability [who was the primary focus] and support the primary carer.
  • P2P is neutral person for all parties present

We had our Path plan done today for our daughter and the support and enthusiasm from Beth and Matt is amazing. They helped us as parents to realise that we are on the right “path” for our daughter and they gave us so many ideas moving forward. Thank you so much, it is great knowing that we do have help and support and people who can guide us in the right direction. P2P cares and are committed to our daughters future. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Amanda, P.A.T.H Recipient

Can a P.A.T.H be covered by NDIS funding?

Yes! For the NDIS, you can use your Capacity Building support budget to have a P.A.T.H completed and tailored towards your goals. Depending on your Core Categories, we may also be able to use those funds.

Who are the facilitators?

Our facilitators have:

  • A daughter or son with a disability.
  • Training in various models of planning.
  • Personal life experience.
  • Developed their own daughter’s or son’s plans, therefore they can be fully present for the families that they are supporting.

For more information about P.A.T.H. please email path@p2pqld.org.au

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