A Planning Tool for Everyone!
Individuals, Schools for Students and Businesses

P.A.T.H. is an 8-step process

It is a person-centered goal-setting tool

P.A.T.H. can be used by; 

NDIS participants as evidence for NDIS Reviews

Students for planning further education, employment, or training

Businesses to set the strategic direction and engage stakeholders.

Which P.A.T.H. is for you?

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Person writing on a PATH document.

Payge is here to tell you more about Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope


Our Unique Facilitation Approach to Help You Achieve Your Goals

P2P are committed to helping you achieve your aspirations using our one-of-a-kind facilitation method. 

Our team of two will listen intently to your goals while visually mapping your plan using your preferred colors. This technique provides a comprehensive plan that can be utilized throughout the year and beyond, giving you the confidence to continue ahead on your path.

  • You have the freedom to select the date, location, and attendees
  • You can choose your preferred colours
  • We’ll take care of the rest!

To learn more about the different types of P.A.T.H watch the videos below

If you would like more information, you can contact our friendly P.A.T.H. Facilitators 

 path@p2pqld.org.au          1800 777 723


Individual P.A.T.H.

Just wanted to say thank you. P2P was very helpful and made me feel more confident about what will happen going forward in my life. It feels good to have a plan set out with goals to work towards instead of sitting around wondering what to do next. Every time I'm feeling unsure or worried about what to do, I can now look at the plan that has been drawn out and know what I need to do, and what it is that I am working for as an end goal. Thanks again for making me feel so comfortable, I appreciate your help so much

Organisational P.A.T.H.

Our team did an organisational PATH in late February. It was such a positive and productive two hours, where we got to the heart of who we are, what we do, and most importantly where we want to be! The PATH process got us back on track and within 6 months of doing it, we met our goals!

School P.A.T.H.

Thank you so much for completing the PATH Planning process for a number of our students. The process was very helpful in guiding and oftentimes, reassuring families that they are on the right path. It was so beneficial to have external people who were able to look at the situation objectively and offer advice. I appreciate the one-on-one support, and guidance/suggestions you were able to present to families/students, supports we did not even know were available to them. I saw each and every student leave with a smile on their face.
Coolum State High School