NDIS Plan Management

What is Financial Plan Management?

Plan management is when a provider helps you to manage the funding in your NDIS Plan. 

A plan manager processes your NDIS claims on your behalf. They also help increase the flexibility of your plan by allowing you to access providers who are not registered with the NDIS.

Funding for Plan Management is paid by the NDIS on top of your funding. You can ask for it at your NDIS planning meeting.

How does Financial Plan Management work?

P2P is an established NDIA registered plan manager. We employ people with bookkeeping and accounting qualifications. We have been working as a host provider for a number of years, working with families and people with disabilities. We listen, and try and help you with ideas when you want to use NDIS funds for innovative ideas.

Why choose P2P as your Financial Plan Manager?

  • Independent, run by members of our Association, people just like you, who have been fighting for the NDIS and other advancements for people with a disability and their families for over 20 years
  • Experienced – with 15 years managing state-based self-directed funding
  • Collaborative and innovate – let’s think outside the box together to make the most of your funds
  • Supportive – while there are things we are restricted from doing, when people are in trouble, we dig deep to make sure you are connected and back up and running
  • More than just the NDIS – for our work to continue to develop opportunities beyond the NDIS, we need your support. Choose P2P if you want your invoices paid, and to contribute to better outcomes for our people and communities

What can a Plan Manager do and not do?

Plan Managers can:

  • Process invoices from any service provider (not just NDIA registered service providers) for all plan managed funding
  • Check that invoices meet NDIA requirements and help your provider to invoice correctly
  • Keep you informed of your budget balances and the support that has been claimed.

Plan Managers cannot:

  • Provide financial advice or tell you what can or cannot be claimed
  • Check the accuracy of invoices in terms of the service provided, for example, the number of hours a service was used for
  • Complete a budget for you.

What happens if my funds run out? Can I get more funding if I need it?

You should always get agreement on budgets with your service providers. Your  Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator should be helping you with this.

If your circumstances have changed, we can assist you to contact the NDIA, your support coordinator, or your local LAC. An example of this is where the primary carer is no longer able to look after the person either temporarily or permanently.

Call us today on 1800 777 723 to enquire about P2P’s Plan Management services.

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