Payge on PCEP

The Primary Care Enhancement Project ( PCEP) is about improving health outcomes and to provide education to GP’s about people with intellectual disabilities and what can help us when we see the doctor. P2P is working in partnership with Country to Coast QLD (CCQ) on this very important project. Short story and Vox Pop videos are being made as an educational tool for Health Care Professional starring people with intellectual disabilities.

The Loud and Clear Qld members, carers and parents filmed some videos with Innovate Media at Pluggas Studio in Warana. We shared our lived experiences when seeing a GP and how it can benefit the healthcare professionals to understand what we go through in our lives as people with intellectual disabilities.

We talked about good experiences, some of our struggles and some of the things that don’t go right.

We talked about the things that can improve our experience for example:

Talk to me

Don’t use words I can’t understand

Avoid using abbreviations

Clear simple signage

Give me time to think about the things I need to tell you (be patient)

We might need help to fill in forms

Provide clear, simple instruction and repeat what you need me to do

There are many more things that can help us, this is just a small sample.

The film crew were fun to work with and  asked us questions in a way we could understand. We felt comfortable talking about our stories. 

Here are what our Loud and Clear Qld members had to say about it:

It was really fun and educational to talk about experience when seeing GP’s. It felt like a movie and I was the main lead. The crew were friendly and they took their time with me, in saying that I was relaxed and comfortable.


It was an amazing and the best experience we have ever done. It was so much fun. Ben was cheeky. I felt excited and nervous but they helped me.


I felt very comfortable sharing my experience. I have had good experiences. The crew helped us with how to tell our story. I was cool as a cucumber.


Because I did it with my mum it was easier. It was awesome how it was set up. I felt like a movie star. The challenge was answering the questions because I had to think of what to say. We all felt like a movie star.


It was an eye opener and exciting experience. The video will help doctors get a better understanding of how to help people with an intellectual disability. It can help us be self-advocates for others.


Loud and Clear Qld are trailblazers in being a part of this project. We have never done anything like this before. It was a great experience for all of us.

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