Party Like P2P

P2P recently took a little time out from the office to get together and celebrate. Here Drew, from our Stand by Me team, shares all the fun of the Christmas party!

On 8/12/22 Parent to Parent celebrated its end of the year Christmas party, held at The Ability Collective in Baringa, with whom has helped many young people this year find outlets for many of their favourite activities and help give them new opportunities to explore what makes them enjoy life.

The party was attended by staff of all divisions of Parent to Parent, with many making the trip from Brisbane, Gladstone, and other areas. The party officially started at 5:30pm and would go till 8:30pm.

All people that gathered were in festive spirit and were met with one of the best food platters that could be provided by Milky Platters Co, of the assortment were several options of cheese, berry fruits, dipping sauces, vegan flavoured biscuits and sauces and even chocolate. There were even homemade savouries such as meat pies and sausage rolls.

For formal introductions, guests were paired together and would then be tasked with asking three questions about a person and finding out what makes them unique. The room would then be able to listen to each pair of individuals answers on what makes them unique. The room had some funny answers and also began to form a theme around people all enjoying “travelling” which was repeated by six guests.

The party then were allowed to begin the festivities by firstly enjoying the delectable platter that was served, with many enjoying the meat pies and cheeses, many coming back for seconds and thirds, as they enjoyed one another’s company and reminisced on stories of the year and the interests people had taken up.

The celebration was also met with a fun activity surrounding an art workshop that was presented by Matt with whom shared his experiences with art to not only delight the guests, but whose activity crafted many beautiful pieces of art that many felt a connection to and enjoyed having a discussion on how it made them feel.

The night then proceeded as a joyful time with lovely music, with more food being eaten and plenty of laughs and memories of the events of the year being shared.

By the end of the night the whole company was given one last speech by Jodi Wolthers about the importance of how the year was and to keep the spirits high for the next one.

With that, the night came to an official close with many choosing to leave the last portions of platter alone as when asked if they would like to take home leftovers, the common phrase was “I’m too full”.

And so ended the Christmas party of Parent to Parent in 2022, many thanks to all those who have been involved in the year and making this year one to remember.


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