Martin using his C-pen reader

Everyone here at Parent to Parent loves it when families share their stories with us. This is Martin’s Story…

Martin used his YLYC funding to purchase his C-Pen which has opened up a whole new world for him.
Whilst he has been able to “read” the TV guide and write his shopping list using word recognition, the C-Pen enables him to read about the things that really interest him.

Martin loves his C-Pen and is so happy that he can read the newspaper as well. Like all hi-tech products, it does have its limitations, eg. it won’t read handwritten script or white script on dark backgrounds.

Martin is currently reading an adult/easy read novel purchased through Gatehouse Publications, a UK based company focused on Adults learning to read so plots are not complicated and sentence structure lends itself to easy reading.

The link for Gatehouse’s new 2017 catalogue is

The C-Pen Reader is a UK product distributed by Spectronics in Brisbane, this is the link to find out more information.

Here is a video about the C-Pen if you are interested in it.

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