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It’s so cold this time of year, as I sit down to write these words down, I am literally freezing from head to toe, it’s the time of season you either brave it out and enter out with a jacket, coat, or some even braver simply wearing nothing but casual clothes, all the best to those types. For most people winter is a time to at least try and relax, and it’s so easy to get caught up in day to day pressures you forget to just sit back and relax for yourself. 

I love to recommend films to many of you, and hopefully many of you can feel inspired or fulfilled by my recommendations. The time has come again for recommendations with a record 10! This time around, highlighting some of the more relaxing, feel good films that you can sit back, put the blanket on, have a cup of tea/coffee/soup and just enjoy your time while you slowly daze in the moment.

#1 Cool Runnings 1993

Funny enough it’s not one month away from the Olympics, and even though it’s not the winter Olympics that would fit perfectly with this Segway into this iconic sports film, it’s still fun to mention. Cool Runnings is an absolute blast of fun to have with both the family and for yourself, something that helps you understand that it isn’t where you come from that defines your dreams and destiny, it’s where your dreams lead you that define your destiny.

#2 Little Woman 2019

One of the most amazing adaptions of the classical tale from Louisa May Alcott. An extremely passionate story of four women in Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth as they discover their own paths in life of womanhood. A universally captivating story that will warm the hearts of many and lets you know that no path is closed to you, only open with how much you care.

#3 Cold Mountain 2003

If you’re into western drama’s that are less western and more drama, this is the film for you. With an amazing adventure, and an epic cast of characters, this is one of my absolute favorite films that captivates you with the pure power of survival, honour, and love.

#4 Anastasia 1997

From a young age, I have always loved this one, and sung along with it’s fun filled songs as I was taken on an adventure of a girl trying to find her home after being ripped apart for so long. A classical animated film, and while it does take a lot of historical liberties with its characters, it’s none the less a beautiful story that I feel is about finding where you belong more than anything else.

#5 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

This might be a rather sad time for romantics, but it’s also a very beautiful showcase of the importance of love, memory and the heart of what makes each moment count. One of the most powerful films you’ll see about relationships.

#6 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory 1971

This is without a doubt one of the most fun films you can experience in your life is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, based on the classic book by Roald Dahl, this is a classic tale you’ll never forget and often times find yourself remembering moments from it whenever you’re next to a chocolate bar.

#7 Carol 2015

Funny enough this is more of a Christmas movie than a typical winter film, but seeing as winter romance is a big theme in this film, it feels good to include it. The story of two very different women that live in an era where a romance between two women could be seen as forbidden love, the two find themselves pulled to one another. The tone will not only make one feel comfortable, but relaxed in a period winter love story.

#8 The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe 2005

An iconic adventure for the ages, an awe inspiring story of good vs evil, magical and fantastical creatures, and most of all, the courage and bond of four siblings facing the backdrop of their most dire time. Witness the C.S Lewis inspired classic to fulfill yourself with adventure, hope, and wonder.

#9 Sleepless in Seattle 1993

A gorgeous romance movie that highlights the importance of moving forward with your life when you’re so in need of happiness, one of the most touching romance movies you can see in your life, filled with many bonds of love for family, for passed loved ones and for new love to blossom in your heart.

#10 Dolphin Tale 2011

To end this list I would like to share one film that is about a boy and a dolphin, and no it’s not Flipper, though I highly recommend that as well if you love dolphins. But this one is about a dolphin called Winter and how she was saved by a boy, though she needs to have her tail amputated, she learns to swim again with the help of a prosthetic designer. A wonderful heartwarming story where Winter the dolphin will help.

I hope these films have given you some happy moments this season, please be well, and remember to always make sure you relax when you most need it, for your own health if nothing else, the world can wait, you deserve to take some time for yourself and feel comfortable this winter.

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