The Value Of PATH

You may remember, back in March we introduced you to Kate and her fabulous support team (including Superdog Koopa!) when they participated in Kate’s P.A.T.H. planning.

Kate has been having a great time, living her best life. We wanted to share with you an email we received from Kate’s team, letting us know what she’s been up to.

One of the many things that have come about from her P.A.T.H. was her goal of being able to walk more.  We instigated the Walking Program through her physiotherapist and using a walking belt.

This has proved to be so successful.

Kate now goes to events initially in her chair but can spend more time walking around exhibitions etc with the help of the belt.  She is able to participate more in her dance group and having the confidence to now walk and join in has brought about a new confidence of getting on the floor and actually doing the exercises that she used to have to do in her chair. She also can stop somewhere for lunch and can just walk to the picnic table to eat rather than drag the chair out.

Another huge thing is the improvement in communication, or more so better access to choices through the Proloquo2Go.  This has really given Kate a voice. She makes meal choices, activity choices, every day and night and loves this new found independence. This was a P.A.T.H. goal/dream, to have more chats with her friends.

To say she eats a lot of French toast and pancakes for breakfast is an understatement thanks to Kate being able to choose her meals!

We have done more STA weekends and Kate just loves it.

We have gone into our review meeting this month feeling so empowered thanks to Kate’s Team and her P.A.T.H.  Our Planner was extremely impressed with Kate’s achievements and very keen to help her build upon these goals and head for future ones- including travelling!

We can’t wait to have our new P.A.T.H. done in the new year.

Heather & Kate

All P.A.T.H. plans are unique, tailored precisely to the plans and goals of the Pathfinder. Also, don’t forget that the cost of a P.A.T.H. plan can be covered by an individual’s NDIS plan!

We’d love to talk to you about a P.A.T.H plan so give us a call, or see the wesbite for more details.

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