On Board For Success

As we come to the end of our 21st year I’d like to take a minute to recognise the people who have been instrumental in creating and shaping P2P – our Management Committee.

Twenty one years is a long time to be on a Management Committee and yet our Board has one Member who has done exactly that. Judy is a founding member of P2P and was a member of the first committee. Sue, another founding member, originally moved into a paid role as a Facilitator before joining the committee in 2006. Loretta joined the committee in 2002, and Jan joined in 2005.  

These four amazing ladies are still on the committee today. They are all parents of a person with a disability and are the foundation of our organisation. More recently Eric and Catherine joined them to form the rest of our committee.

The passion and commitment of all of our Committee members has guided us through many changes and challenges, and positioned us where we are today.   As we celebrate 21 years we acknowledge and thank our current Committee members, as well as those who have been on our board and have now moved on to other roles.

What have we achieved?

The consistency of support from board members has contributed to the ongoing success of the organisation so that during our twenty one years we have:

  • Worked with older families to prepare for when they are no longer the primary carer
  • Provided NDIS Information sessions across Queensland including Far North Queensland and Cherbourg, and in the Toowoomba regions
  • Planned with families to get them ready for their NDIS meetings 
  • Facilitated PATH planning for students preparing to leave school
  • Assisted people with a disability to get their social enterprise businesses established
  • Delivered an education project to encourage business owners/managers to see the benefits of employing people with a disability
  • Worked with the USC, Chromosome 18 Registry and Sunshine Plaza to bring the Positive Exposures photographic exhibition by New York Photographer Rick Guidotti to the Sunshine Coast
  • Delivered workshops on Social Enterprise development and assisted in the formation of the Sunshine Coast Social Enterprise Network (SENS)

We are so excited now, to look to the future and begin planning the next 21 years. We sincerely look forward to having you share the journey with us!

Jodi Wolthers – CEO

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