Lay A PATH With Our Workshop

The PATH Planning Facilitators at P2P love a successful P.A.T.H!

This is Jake.  He’s a typical student with some very creative ideas about what he wants to achieve.  Our team enjoyed working alongside Jake, his mum, and his educators to map out the next few years of Jake’s education.  The time spent planning Jake’s PATH will help guide him and will visually show others how they can support Jake to reach his goals.  It’s a process that’s creative, empowering, and produces positive steps forward.

Learn how to create a PATH!

PATH planning training is a ‘must-have’ tool if you are an educator, support worker, family member, allied health specialist, or anyone working in the disability sector. 

Effective use of the PATH process is not simply a matter of technique, it is an art. There are technical competencies to master, but this is not the difficult part. As an art, the person-centred planning requires facilitators to be able to truly listen to people’s dreams.

Our next P.A.T.H. Facilitator Training workshop will be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on September 24 & 25. You can find more information and ticket details on Eventbrite.

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