What are our transition guides?

Our transition guides are useful booklets that contain lots of information and resources that help students, their families and support staff to transition the student from school into the community.
The guides come in two different booklets depending on the student’s age.  Now You’re 16 and Now You’re 18.  Each separate booklet is relevant to that time in the student’s life.
Jhai from Nayils moving
Jhai from NAYILS mowing

How do you use our transition guides?

The guides come as a ‘checklist’ and as you complete each ‘task’ or ‘to do’, you become more empowered and the load is lightened.  Some information in the book will be very relevant to the student, some not so relevant.
The booklets help the student transition from school into the next phase of life whether it’s university, paid employment, volunteering or day programs.  It helps to set up accounts and tackle some of the tricky government sites.
I always give the booklets to anyone having questions about how to find information regarding government sites.  Many times I ask families if their son/daughter has a companion card.  If not, I tell them to take a booklet as it might open up some good avenues for accessing the community.  I’ve had many families say that the booklets have been the best resource out there.  It methodically lists the tasks that might need to be completed to set the student up for success

Download Transition Guides: