Thrill of Travel by Payge

I’ve been travelling with my family overseas for years since I was younger. I’m now learning how to travel on my own, I’m not there yet. Travelling can make you frustrated, confused and lost.


Take it from me, my first time doing it by myself without my parents help I was all that. Confused, frustrated, didn’t know where to go and reading the travel departures to and from the board, which plane to catch and to see what time it’s arriving and departing got me totally lost. You would think I would have just given up but no. I was learning to be confident in myself and to be independent because all of us can travel.


My first time travelling was when I planned on going to Perth last year. As I mentioned I was confused, frustrated and lost. I managed as I was planning my trip without my parents. I was expecting to forget to book my accommodation, my travel details, where to go, how to get there, all of the above on what needs to happen to travel but I, along with my support was organised.


Going to Perth – Fremantle was incredible. The hotel where we stayed was nice but that wasn’t all, they were designed from shipping containers. I know, odd right, and it was surprisingly roomy since shipping containers are all rectangular shapes. Well I think so I’ve never been in one before.


Where we stayed it was just around the corner from wonderful restaurants. The restaurant was amazing, and on a night with no rain and no clouds in the sky, just stars. It was lovely and since restaurants were always busy, the food in Perth came out faster. I know because I kept track of when we ordered to when we were being served. Very fast indeed.


During my time in Fremantle I went to markets and bought a few things since I don’t know when I will go back. I had fun on the ferris-wheel, even though I’m scared of heights but the view was worth it.

I went to Rottnest Island where the quokkas live. (A captain, I can’t remember, called the quokkas ‘big rats’ that’s where the name comes from) It was an awesome day. I bought a cute little shirt and a bracelet with a quokka head on it. I saw a few baby joeys with their mothers. So adorable! I went on a tour of the island. It was interesting to get to understand how Rottnest Island came to be. By the end of the day I had a very cute encounter with quokkas, I even tried taking photos with them, some were good, some were fussy.

I went to a Gold Mine on my last day in Perth. where they (the founders of Gold Mine) make gold coins. It was really interesting to learn about them and during that time I had time to explore and got to hold a block of gold. It was really heavy. I then made a gold coin out of pure gold but it wasn’t worth anything.

I was exhausted on the flight home but I loved travelling to Perth and might do it again one day. I started making a little scrapbook about my adventures in Perth.

It can be a simple domestic flight from Brisbane to Sydney (domestic flights are when it begins and ends in the same country) or if you want to do international flights, such as Thailand or New York. (International flights are when it begins in one country and ends in another country)

When travelling mistakes can happen but in doing so it’s a learning curve and the knowledge you get from it will make it better the next time you decide to travel.

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