The important role that Volunteers play at P2P

At P2P, we are keen to help parents get back into the workforce after raising their family.  We contacted Sutherland Training as a way of reaching out to test whether this was a way to attract Volunteers who are keen to join our team to gain work experience.

We are fortunate to have interest from two great women.   

Grace joined our team in May 2023 having recently enrolled in a Business Admin course looking for a change of career.  Grace has worked in hospitality all her life and feels that now is the right time to get out of her comfort zone and change industries.  

P2P Volunteer Grace
P2P Volunteer Grace

Having added to her skills, Grace needed some experience in a workplace to add to her resume. When she isn’t studying or volunteering with us, Grace is busy being a mum to her  4-year-old ‘beautiful but very cheeky’ son named Hunter.

Grace works with us for a few hours a week and helps with a range of different tasks to get to experience a busy and fast-paced office. For us, it is great to have someone assist with those tasks that we can’t find the time to do.

Recently we were contacted by Alissa.  We look forward to Alissa starting with us after the school holidays and helping her to gain the experience that potential employers are looking for despite the fact that she has also just finished her Business Administration training with Sutherland. When Alissa starts, we will introduce her here so check back soon.  

We are grateful to our current and previous volunteers for the valuable contribution they make to our work.

If you are in business and have the opportunity to help a parent get back in the workforce after raising their children, we thoroughly recommend it.  

If you are looking for staff, Grace and Alissa would love to hear more about the role!

If you are interested in volunteering at P2P, we would love to hear from you as well.  

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