Swim Free Australia

Swim Australia has joined Ambassador Dawn Fraser’s “Call for all Australians to Learn to Swim”.

Teaching children and adults to swim and apply water safety awareness is another step in the PREVENTION of drowning.

The SwimFREE Australia initiative is to address the fact that 2016-17 has been one of the worst periods for drownings on record and to work together to raise awareness of the need for everyone to learn to swim and help Australians be SAFER around water.

We recognise that Learn to Swim is one of the layers of protection to help Australians be SAFER around water and as the industry leading body for Learn to Swim, we recommend all Swim Schools participate in the SwimFREE program.

A Swim Australia initiative for participating Swim Australia Swim Schools is to provide four (4) FREE swim lessons to new Swim School customers. Conditions apply.

Make a splash at your Swim School in 2017, fill in the OPT IN form to participate TODAY!


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