Setting Goals

Having a son with an intellectual disability is challenging, stressful at times and can be quite frustrating when some elements of his life don’t go to plan. Each and every one of us faces difficulties in our lives at some time or other but we learn how to deal with it and seek the necessary help and assistance we may need. My son does not recognize or understand when he is feeling stressed or upset and it is a constant reminder that he will possibly always be like this.  He will not outgrow his disability. He will not get better or be cured. But I wouldn’t change him for the world.  He is amazing, he is happy, he is kind and very caring. He is also a fun-loving, well-mannered young man who loves his life and tells me every day.

Cameron has dreams and aspirations like all of us. The difference being he takes very small steps and a long time to achieve them.  That is why I help him to set goals.  Setting a goal is always a challenge and the focus can take months or even years.  One of his recent goals was to climb a tree. An easy feat by most people’s standards. Something to not really even think about! But it was very challenging for him and he talked about it for a very long time before he could even work up the courage to give it a go.

We finally found the perfect tree after searching for ages. One that he felt he could climb. He looked at it for a long time and just needed the encouragement to give it a go. And he did. He climbed the tree and felt so proud of himself. He just looked so incredibly happy it brought tears to my eyes.  The sense of accomplishment and empowerment he radiated made all the difficulties and challenges he has faced throughout his life so worthwhile.

I love my son and wouldn’t change a thing…. I am ever thankful for he has taught me the true meaning of life.


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