QLD Winner ‘Dulcie Stone Writers Competition’ Ethan Amiet

My Name is Ethan Amiet, I entered the “Dulcie Stone Writers Competition”

I came 1st in Queensland State Best writers result as “Queensland best Writer”.

I like to thank Jodi Wolthers & Robbie Murray for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to enter, I never believed myself to be anything yet thanks to them I have accomplished an achievement.

The Story is set 2000 years ago, during the Roman empire.  Many stories focus on Rome or other known places that have a lot of attention so I picked a different tone. I wrote a story about a person going into cryochamber to sleep for maybe thousand years then woke up in crash ship surrounded by primitive people.

You may be confused but this chapter is a small part of a larger story and part of grand Chronicles, to be continued. 

With the prize money is I will go to the Abbey Medieval Festival for the first time with my girlfriend and order some costumes for dress up.  I will be a knight escorting a beautiful princess.

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