Preparing Your Support Workers

With much uncertainty in the community right now, we’ve compiled some information to enable you go about preparing your support workers to best assist you.

30 minute free training about infection control

Questions to ask yourself and your providers now:

  • What happens if I get sick – will you still provide support?
  • What happens if my workers get sick – what plan can we make together?
  • Do you have an emergency plan if another worker that works with my worker gets sick?
  • If you or someone you love is in a day program or supported accommodation ask what is going to happen if someone gets symptoms 
  • Make sure you and your workers wash their hands properly when coming in or leaving your home, going to the toilet, before preparing food or eating.

How else can you prepare?

  • Have extra meals and sandwiches prepared and in the freezer
  • Figure out if supports were disrupted or reduced, what would your priorities be?
  • If you usually have routines that include group and community based programs, start thinking of what activities  you could do if needing to be inside
  • Have you got your in case of emergency contacts ready? Do you have someone to check in on you?

This is by no means a complete list, and individual needs will require different preparations. Hopefully this has given you a headstart in thinking about what you might need if you or someone close to you becomes ill.

We’ll continue to share information with you via our Facebook page, or newsletter where appropriate. Of course, you are always welcome to contact your Support Coordinator or our office if you have any concerns.

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