Positive Exposures

Parent to Parent were thrilled to be involved with Positive Exposures – Redefining Beauty Photographic Exhibition recently.

In conjunction with Chromosome 18 Registry, Spiral Inc, University of the Sunshine Coast, and Sunshine Plaza, the exhibition featured works by award-winning photographer Rick Guidotti.

Advertisement for the exhibition. Main text reads: Change how you see, see how you change.

A collaborative project, the Redefining Beauty Photographic Exhibition saw the project team engage with mainstream stakeholders and disability specific groups to create a world first exhibition.

The exhibition focussed on children and adults affected by genetic conditions located on the 18th chromosome.

The Peer-Community Educators (PCE) team were supported to work in the space, liaising with the general public visiting the exhibition, where they were able to share their stories. The PCE teams also presented three workshops during the exhibition period.

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