Let’s Keep Talking

Let’s Talk: Living Independently held at University of the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday was the first of the Let’s Talk forums presented by Parent to Parent.

If there is one phrase that I hear from parents and individuals when I’m on the phones at P2P it is “It’s a minefield out there”. That’s what has spurred the team at P2P to hold Let’s Talk conversations.

Participation is key to the success of Let’s Talk conversations and the attendees didn’t let us down. They came armed with questions around housing options that may be possible for their life situations. Break times gave the attendees an opportunity to connect with others and find more local information that could assist them with their decision.

One mum wanted to find a flatmate for her son who is living independently in a two bedroom unit and got the opportunity to talk to the audience. Although there wasn’t an instant response she later shared with me that one of the young adults attending Let’s Talk has accepted her offer to support her son.

We enjoyed many discussions after the guest speakers told their stories around their journeys into independent living. The popular open floor section gave parents the opportunity to ask questions and listen to others’ issues quite often relating to their own.

Let’s Talk conversations are for the benefit of families and individuals and will always be driven by the topics most pressing to a person with a disability. 

A very big thank you to the attendees, the day would not have been a success without you!

Until the next Let’s Talk in 2020…

Robbie Murray

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