Holiday Acitivities

There are many of us thinking yikes as to how to occupy our loved ones during this holiday period.  Well, here are some ideas, both out of the home and at home, for some summer holiday fun.

Activities out of the Home:

  1. Beach

We have some of the most beautiful beaches on our doorstep, where you can enjoy jumping waves, building sandcastles or collecting shells. For those with mobility issues, check with your local Surf Life Saving Club if they have a beach wheelchair.

  1. Nature trails

Get back to nature and see some local flora and fauna. The Hinterland has a variety of walks with waterfalls worth checking out. Mary Cairncross Reserve is one we have been able to navigate with a wheelchair.

  1. Parks

For those, a bit younger, or young at heart – check out a range of parks and playgrounds, near and far. Why not have an adventure and visit some new ones. Check out the Sunshine Coast Daily’s Top 10 playgrounds

  1. Library

Visit your local library and borrow the latest best reads or your old favourites. Check out the many fun holiday activities they run. Bookings are usually required and they fill up quickly.

  1. Amusement park

With a range of fun parks in SE Queensland, there is something for everyone. Sunshine Coast is home to Australia Zoo, Aussie World, SeaLife Mooloolaba, and a few Aqua Parks.  On-line ticket purchases are often a bit cheaper.

  1. Indoor recreation

For those hot or rainy days, some indoor recreation may be the answer. Consider Ten Pin Bowling, a trampoline centre such as the Big Boing, Inflatable World or even the movies.

  1. For those in Brisbane or wanting a day trip – check out QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art). Until February 2018, The Obliteration Room invites the whole family to explore a deconstructed space – and add to it with colourful stickers. For more information see

Activities at home:

  1. Cooking

Plan a day of cooking or baking – you could even have a cooking competition amongst family members or friends.

  1. Art& craft

Let the inner creative genius out through doing some drawing, painting or colouring. Look online for free templates. Try different art bases such as paper, wood, glass or textiles. Why not buy a canvas and create a new art piece for the home.

  1. Music

Put on some favourite tunes and sing and dance the day away. Play some instruments, even if they are home-made. You may even feel inspired to organise a concert.

  1. Computer activities

Play some games, make a video or research a special interest. For those into coding, why not design a game for the whole family.

  1. Board/card games day

Ye ole board and card games can bring family and friends together for some fun and laughs. Dust off the old faithfuls such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Uno. Or tackle more modern ones such as Beat The Parents and Toilet Trouble.

  1. Sensory Play

Make some home-made playdoh or slime to play with.  Fill up a tub with some water, throw in some bath toys (Tupperware pieces are a great alternative) and let them go. For those who like sand, you could use a box and fill it with sand from your local hardware store for a sandpit, or buy some kinetic sand and play with it on a tray.

  1. Gardening

Make a herb or flower bed, or plant a vegetable patch. If you don’t have a yard, plant some seeds in pots and even decorate the pots. Styrofoam boxes left over at your local store make good vegetable planters.

  1. Movie night (or day).

Download or borrow some movies, pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy a movie experience. You could even move your TV outside for the night and create an outdoor cinema under the stars.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Hide some things around the house or yard and write some clues or create a treasure map to lead your loved ones on an exciting adventure, with a prize at the end.

  1. Category Eye Spy

Establish a category and each day you have to find something matching it. For example, if the category was A-Z, each day you find something starting with the letter of the day. For those with a creative flair or a little technical, you could turn the game into a photo book or slide show of your findings.

Don’t feel pressured to plan or organise activities for each and every day. The holidays are a chance for all members of the family to relax, take a break, and prepare themselves for the new year.  Remember to look after yourself. Use your support network – family, friends and community. And talk to other people to find out about activities or events in your area.

What are some activities you do for entertaining your loved one during the holidays?

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