The Quality of Unique in the Workplace

Want to learn what the new kid on the block, Mainstream and Me, is achieving?   Then check out this update from our resident Director and Writer, Drew Russell, part of the Mainstream and Me program shaking up the employment sector and influencing change.

When you are able to land a job, you should feel a sense of accomplishment.  This is the same for people with a disability and its through Mainstream and Me that the possibility of attaining a job is becoming a reality.  The goal of Mainstream and Me is to showcase the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and to put to rest some concerns potential employers have with hiring people with a disability.

Our way of doing this is informing businesses through our presentations that are hosted by our fully trained peer educators.  Overall, they are a positive and fun loving set of individuals that have had 4 months of training in presenting to an audience.  They bring a unique flare to each presentation to help show employers and attendees that disability is not an inability to work.

Drew Russell.  Peer Educator, Aspiring Writer and Director.

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