Fraud in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Australian Government is committed to protecting the National Disability Insurance Scheme from people doing the wrong thing.  This is often called fraud.

Stopping fraud is important because it can save millions of dollars being taken away from the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

To help stop fraud, there is a Fraud Fusion Taskforce.  The people in the taskforce work together to find and stop criminal activity.  The taskforce has been doing this work for a year and the results show that the work is making a difference.

In the last year there has been 100 situations investigated and that includes over $1 billion worth of funding.   There has also been businesses fined for doing the wrong thing.

If you have information about NDIS fraud you can report it by:

You can read more about the work that the Fraud Fusion Taskforce are doing on the National Disability Insurance Scheme website Fraud fusion taskforce investigates $1 billion in NDIS payments in first year

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