Ethan’s Tips

Just Be Yourself

It’s very important to be who you really are if you want friends who accept you. These are some ways to know if a person likes you for who you are. 

Honesty: Good friends are not judgmental, and they keep private/personal information confidential.  They don’t tell everyone about your personal life and importantly don’t lie a lot

Quality over quantity: While having a community is good, you can feel pressured to have lots of friends in this modern age of social media followers. However, resist this pressure. It is more important to have quality and close connections to fewer people than many superficial friend connections.

Respect: Respect is not just about being nice but showing appreciation so everyone feels valued. Remember to treat your friend as you’d like to be treated.

Nice and respectful to you: it important to have friends who treats you like a fellow person

Understanding or Accepting: Good friend should accept you for who you are and know you as individual person

Support each other: In sad moments when your friend feels down or blue, a friendly thing to do is to help them feel better.

Dependable: Never exploit your friends or let your friends exploit you.

If someone doesn’t like you then don’t worry about it, you likely don’t want to be friend with them anyway so don’t try to be someone just to be liked. 

If one of your friends thinks that you’re just using them, then they’ll drop you like a hot potato. Good friendships don’t come from hoping someone else’s popularity or networks will rub off on you. If you’re trying to be friends with a person just to get into a certain group, that’s not friendship – it’s opportunism – and eventually, the shallow nature of your involvement will reveal itself.

A Bad Friend is someone who judges you, put you down with words or deliberately hurt your feelings.

If your friend mocks you, you should tell them they hurt your feelings or go too far.  Low self-esteem can be caused by bad friends. 

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