Disability Royal Commission – the big recommendations

People giving a talk using a microphone

The Australian Government shared the final report from the Disability Royal Commission on 29 September 2023.

This was an important day for people with a disability, families and people in the disability community.

There are 12 different volumes of the report, with 222 recommendations to make Australia more inclusive and safe for people with disabilities.

The Australian Government now has six months to respond to the recommendations in the report.

Parent to Parent and their National partner, Inclusion Australia, believe that everyone should be part of this important conversation about what happens now that the report is available. Inclusion Australia have written an Easy Read guide to help people understand what the Royal Commission suggests that the Government do.

You can download a copy of Inclusion Australia’s Easy Read guide to read and share with others on the Inclusion Australia website – click here

You can read more about the Government’s response on the Department of Social Services website – click here

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