Disability Action Week 

Disability Action week will run from 25 November to 2 December 2023

Written by Drew.

The theme for this year’s Disability Action Week is ‘Access ignites: it’s good business’.

The theme hopes to raise awareness of how employment and the economic participation of people with a disability is good for the communities as a whole.

It follows on from last year’s theme which looked at the benefits of diversity within the workforce. 

This year, employers are encouraged to think deeply about how improving accessibility can benefit their business and the wellbeing of their staff with a disability.  

Accessibility is a big word, and also a big undertaking.  It may seem threatening or too big a task, but it is in everyone’s best interest to get it right.  It is also a work health and safety and wellbeing necessity. 

Although we are getting better in Australia, there are still complaints and issues being addressed in everyday life environments. 

Everyday places people go, such as Airports, Restaurants, Shopping Centers and even Toilet facilities are looking to improve their accessibility. With an increase in people with a disability finding work in public places, there is hope that it will become mandatory to improve their accessibility.

Employers can start by looking to see if their workplace has: 

  • Wide Doors & Hallways
  • Step-Free Entrances
  • Easy to use bathrooms

This is a good start if employers are looking to make accessibility a priority in their workplace.  For help they can contact places that are leading the way in this work.

Why accessibility is important, beyond business reasons, is the impact it makes on the person feeling:

  • A welcoming environment.
  • More social connections.
  • Greater sense of independence.
  • More opportunities within the workplace.
  • Increased sense of belonging in their job career.

Some places are already undertaking this goal.  To learn what they are doing, please look at the links below.

Accessible Wayfinding – BindiMaps  

Accessible Australia – Know before you go! « Spinal Life  

So celebrate this year’s Disability Action Week with the knowledge of how you can be the power behind achieving an accessible workplace and increasing the value of your business. 


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