Cyber Threats

In recent months the amount of “CYBER THREATS” has increased threefold to the World. The most dangerous of these threats have been “RANSOMWARE”. It is exactly that, they hold your files for Ransom and want payment for the release of the encryption code in every case so far, I have seen no one get their files back and everyone lose their money trying.

Sometimes they want 2 – 5 bitcoins this can equate to nearly $15000.00

So How does it normally happen?

Hackers trick victims into opening the malicious malware attachment to spam emails that appeared to contain legitimate files such as an invoice, job offers, security warnings and many others. Once the “Virus” or “Malicious software” enters your system it will spread so rapidly there is no stopping it.


The list of measures that can be opted by Windows users as a precaution to protect themselves against the ransomware. This list is based on some steps provided by Microsoft’s Malware Protection Centre.

  • Install and use up-to-date antivirus solutions
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments or emails from unknown people or organisations.
  • Install a pop-up blocker on your PCs
  • Have smart screen turned on in Internet Explorer and Edge. It will help you identify reported phishing and malware websites.
  • Create regular backups of your important files.

Please remember that these Idiots that cause these problems are in most cases ahead of Protection companies. Much like those human viruses, there are super viruses that kill and there is nothing for them. Be vigilant and don’t get click happy

NCIS is working with software companies now to implement the best solution for your protection. We do our best to support and prevent but cannot be responsible for attacks.

If you have any questions please contact Dave from NCIS on 5476 0566

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