Changes to NDIA Payment Timeframes

The NDIA has advised they have changed the timeframe for releasing funds to pay invoices.

This will impact the invoice payment times for all providers and will apply regardless of whether a participant is plan managed, self managed or NDIA managed.

Under the current system:

– Invoices are emailed to P2P

– P2P checks and enters the invoice into the system

– P2P submits the invoices to the NDIA as a batch

– The NDIA reviews the batch of invoices and releases funds to P2P the following business day.

– P2P checks received funds and sets up payment to pay providers the day the funding is received.

The two main changes that will impact you and your providers are:

– The NDIA is no longer releasing funds within 24 hours of receiving the invoice submission. The NDIA states it will now take 2 – 3 business days to release the funds. Some payments may be held for up to 10 days.  The funds will be released at 6pm. This means payment to providers will not be able to be released until the following morning.

– Duplicate claims submitted within 14 days of the first claim will be reviewed for fraud and non-compliant behaviour.  This means that your provider may be asked to provide more information to support your claim before the NDIA will release funding to pay the invoice. 

The NDIA has advised that their reason for doing this is to reduce non-compliant behaviour and fraud.

Parent to Parent will continue to ensure payments are processed promptly, however, payments made to providers will be dependent on the time it takes the NDIA to release the funding for your claim.

For more information, you can view: Claims and payments | NDIS Improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything different with my invoices?

No. Please continue to send all invoices to 


What can I do to prevent invoices from being held by the NDIA?

Please make sure provider invoices are correct.  We have created this resource that you can share with your providers to ensure their invoices meet NDIA requirements.

P2P may contact you or the provider by email or phone for more information to ensure the claim is correct.

What do I need to tell my providers?

You can let your providers know that the NDIS has changed their timeframe and it will now take longer for payments to be approved.


Is this the same for all Plan Managers?

Yes, the change in timeframes applies to all invoices regardless of whether a participant is Plan Managed, Self Managed or NDIA Managed.

All Plan Managers are impacted.

What happens if an invoice is put on hold by the NDIA?

The NDIS may choose to review an invoice before the payment is made to the provider to determine if the support is correct and compliant. If this occurs, it may take up to 10 additional days for the provider to be paid, or the support may be rejected by the NDIA. If this happens, Parent to Parent will be in contact with the provider for more information or to let them know of the outcome.

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