Celebrating 25 Years of Parent to Parent

On Tuesday 25th July 2023 current and previous Board and staff gathered to celebrate P2P’s 25 years of supporting parents who have a son or daughter with a disability.

As part of the celebration, Board members Judy, Sue, Jan and Loretta were awarded life membership for their dedication and commitment.  Collectively they have contributed 80 years to P2P in their Board roles with an additional 17 hours in paid or volunteer hours.

Judy joined the Board in 1998 and retired in 2020, however she remains involved and holds P2P close to her heart. Judy was President from 2001 – 2011.

Sue joined the Board in 2006, having been a volunteer and staff member since 1998.  Sue remains on the Board today in the role of Vice President.

Jan joined the Board in 2005, having been a volunteer since 1998 and remains in the role of Treasurer.

Loretta joined the Board in 2002 and has let us know that she intends to retire at the end of this year.

We also thank our other Board members Eric, Catherine and Mike for their contribution.  Looking to the future, we welcome Tony and Kevin to the Board and look forward to working with them to continue implementing  the vision set by our founding Board members. 

Julie, our first Director, guided the organisation from 1998 until her retirement in 2010.   As we celebrate 25 years, we acknowledge her drive, determination and commitment.

Since 2010, Jodi, who joined us in 2000 has guided us along a journey which has had many ups and downs.  This work was also recognised by everyone attending.

As we celebrate this momentous milestone, we acknowledge and honour all of our current and previous Board members,  staff and volunteers without whom we could not have achieved the results we are so proud of. Thank you also to our members and supporters, we could not have done this without you.

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