Buying the Perfect Gift

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And while there is the joy and festivity, there is also the pressure to make it perfect. The perfect tree, the perfect ham and of course … the perfect gift!

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one can be tough, and buying the perfect gift for a loved one with a developmental or physical disability can be particularly tricky.

Do you choose something practical, therapeutic or fun? Something deemed age-appropriate, which they may not be able to manage, or things they will enjoy which may be aimed at someone younger? I’m not sure about you, but over time we have certainly bought and received gifts that haven’t worked so well and been frustrating for our person.

So, to lower the stress when you are out gift shopping, keep your loved one’s hobbies, interests and activities in mind, along with their abilities. Remember, you know your person best – their likes and dislikes.

Some general gift ideas to consider include:

  • Books – available in a variety of formats, including large print and audio.
  • Music, or even a musical instrument.
  • Movie or TV series DVD set.
  • Specialised toys – available online. Some sites to get you started include;; and
  • Computer or digital gadgets and gaming.
  • Licensed clothing or accessories – what better way to show off a favourite hero or character.
  • Annual pass or experience voucher.
  • For the sensory junkie, sensory items such as slime, kinetic sand, stress balls or squeeze n stretch things are popping up in even the discount stores.
  • Or even yet, take your person shopping and let them choose.

Above all, gifts should be about fun. It’s about ripping the wrapping paper off and revealing something enjoyable or useful. Remember – you aren’t buying a gift for your person with a disability, you are buying a gift for your person. It is the act of giving that counts!

By Louise Jessop: Carer, Counsellor and Life Coach

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