Bruno is flying high

Bruno uses P2P services and was so excited to share his skydiving story with us. We thank Bruno and his family for allowing us to share it with you.

In 2020 Bruno received, for his birthday, a voucher to go skydiving with Sunshine Coast Skydivers.

Bruno with a Sunshine Coast Skydivers banner.

This has been a long time dream of Bruno’s and he was very excited about his upcoming jump. But when he went to go for his jump the team at Sunshine Coast Skydivers were worried that Bruno didn’t have the leg strength or understanding to hold his knees up and point his feet out when the tandem skydiver and Bruno came to land back on earth. They were worried that Bruno wouldn’t be able to keep his legs up so that there was no chance of Bruno jarring his legs or even breaking them.

Needless to say, Bruno was very disappointed and upset that he could not jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane. So through Bruno’s gym, Enhanced Living, where Bruno has his own personal trainer thanks to the NDIS, Bruno was able to focus on his leg strength and his balance.

With lots of training and perseverance Bruno showed that he was focused and determined. In time he was able to pass the test at the skydiving facility, where they strapped Bruno into a harness suspended from the ceiling and he was able to show the instructor that he could hold his legs up and his feet out for the required time.

From there Bruno went up into the sky and jumped out of the aeroplane tandem! He was so excited before the jump and for the following weeks afterwards. He has been ecstatic every time he remembers or watches the video or looks at the photos of himself jumping out of an aeroplane on the Sunshine Coast. Goal achieved!!!

Skydiving has been a dream for Bruno for many years and with his awesome team and the support from the NDIS, Bruno was able to achieve his dream. In a video chat with Bruno‘s dad Fil after the skydive, Bruno was asked what his next dream goal would be and Bruno replied bungee jumping!!!

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