All Abilities Queensland Opportunities For All State Disability Plan

Hey guys, so the other week I was at Parliament House in a meeting with various ministers, including the minister of disabilities, Coralee O’Rourke. And we discuss many things around access and inclusion.  Minister O’Rourke shared with me all abilities Queensland document, our new state disability plan which will be implemented throughout all government departments over the next 3 years.

After reading the plan, I realized what the government is trying to create is an all-inclusive Queensland.  Through access to the supports enabling people with disabilities to make informed decisions relating to their lives within society. From what I have read, to achieve their vision, there are 5 key points for supporting this.  This document says:

Communities for all, which encourages people with disabilities to become valued and respected within their communities.  Encouraging social interaction at both a local and state level within sports, arts, tourism and other activities.

Lifelong Learning, or education, this is an ongoing experience for everybody.  We are all learning every day.  Having access to inclusive learning opportunities can opens doors, to employment, better education and independence.  The government will be working towards supporting people with disabilities to have improved education which can open a variety of doors and, not be limited.

Job opportunities or employment, to improve our lifestyles. The government recognizes the need to create sustainable solutions to enable employment opportunities in both the private and government markets.

Everyday services, this relates to various government departments that support us within the community.  Such as health, going to the doctors or hospital, Transport, how we get around the community, Housing, whether we continue living with our families or work towards a more independent lifestyle, through accessing group housing or independent housing options.  The government is working towards a more supportive system enabling greater access.

Leadership and participation, as you know I am an advocate for leadership.  Over this past year, I have been learning about what leadership means and how to be a leader within the community. I know that you are leaders as well and by participating in your community you are showing everyone this.  Our government is trying to support and encourage people with disabilities to take more of an active role in developing strategies around policy and programs for the future.  They recognize that diversity needs to be encouraged to create a more sustainable community.  Through empowerment, innovation, and inclusion.  Basically, they are telling us to get out and have a say in your community, become informed and help change your future….

So keep watching this space

Because amazing things are going to happen…

-Kathryn Lyons

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