A Word from Drew – Peer Mentor

6 Movies Celebrating Anzacs, Autumn & Autism

For this month we’ve had some big things to celebrate such as Anzac day, Autism Awareness Month and to enjoy the fall season of Autumn. With so much to celebrate there is so much to stop and reflect on, such as the value we hold for our loved ones that are here, and loved ones that have passed. 

For this month I’ve selected 6 films that complement the 3 topics of this month, and to hopefully give people some inspiring, thought provoking, and heart felt stories that you will be taken away with.

#1 Gallipoli (1981)

With this one film you can teach generation after generation about the horrors of war, but also the mateship that was forged through it. Gallipoli is a film that doesn’t just show the harrowing tragic loss that Anzacs faced, but also the connections and bonds that last through the pain of war and through the lives of those who lived it, truly showcasing that what makes Anzac Day special isn’t just a time of grief, but a time of celebration for honor, courage and friendship.

#2 Anzacs (1985)

For this one I’m going to cheat and instead of adding another film, I want to add a show that is near and dear to me as it was a show that my poppy owned on cassette video (VHS) and showed me as a young boy. Anzacs is a 6 part episode series about a group of a soldiers and their camaraderie and loyalty to each other, while painting a picture about the day to day life of an Anzac soldier in World War 1.

#3 Stepmom (1998)

Autumn season is a time of many meanings and representations, a big one is comfort and change and with that comes this suggestion of a film about a terminally ill woman who must learn to entrust the lover of her ex-husband with her children. A comedy and emotional story, just like the themes of autumn, a story about comfort and change.

#4 Fly Away Home (1996)

A story of a father and a daughter learning to bond, through raising a bunch of orphaned geese to help them eventually migrate. A story that showcases the ways people can bond when communication breaks down and passion and dreams are the antidote.

#5 Rain Man (1988)

For Autism Awareness month I want to include one of my favorite films. An absolute classic tale of brotherly bonding between Raymond and Charlie. What starts off as a rocky ground for the two, turns into a story of learning, growing and the value that comes when you start listening instead of judging people for their conditions and differences. A must watch for anyone who has felt the struggle that comes with judgement and growing beyond it.

#6 The Boy who Could Fly (1986)

For the final recommendation for Autism Awareness month, I would like to highlight a film that is more about the will to see people succeed and to find yourself. A young boy named Eric wishes to fly and a young girl named Milly believes he can. A story of possibilities, and the power of love and looking beyond the things that people perceive as less, and looking at the strengths within. 

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