A Word From Drew: P2P Peer Mentor

For February I would like to dedicate this month to Valentine’s Day. I know some people sometimes feel like this time of the year celebrates only romantic love, and while that may be the popular showcase of the day, Valentine’s Day is also about deep bonds of love that highlight so many forms of connections we share.

You could find your love of life in nature, or you could find your pets give you all the love you need for the day. Heck you can even dust off some old memorabilia and feel a connection to it. The day is about celebrating bonds, and our universal connection to the power of love. Open your heart to everything you truly may find beautiful in this world and let that moment be something to celebrate for yourself.

So in my way of celebrating this month’s festive day I would like to highlight six films of different kinds of love to help you better feel involved.  Know that no matter what, in this world you are loved.

1:The Princess Bride

This film not only celebrates love of two people in the romantic sense, but it celebrates the bonds of friendship, adventure and family. Honestly everything every major character does in this film is based around love, in particular the love a grandfather has for his grandson is enough to share with him a story while he is sick.

2: Hachi A Dog’s Tail.

This one deserves a big warning to buy two full tissue boxes. With lots of heartwarming moments, and a few devastating heart breaking ones, this film is based on a true story about the love between a man and his dog and how that love lasts beyond anything in this world.

3: Brittany Runs A Marathon.

A lot of laugh comedy about bettering yourself and overcoming obstacles you put in front of yourself. Watching this film is one of the biggest showcases of self-love and to always keep improving yourself for yourself, this film celebrates self-love like people need.

4: Life of Pi

This film not only celebrates our love of nature, to animals, but also our spiritual love of life and the will to keep going. Even during our hopeless moments, we always share a connection to the world, physical as well as spiritual.

5: A Simple Twist of Fate

A gorgeous heartwarming film about a lonesome man who one night discovers an orphaned child, this leads to a story about connection and what it means to be a loving parent. When we think of love, most of us will think of family, and the truth is that family can be people who you don’t even share blood with as this film showcases.

6: Your Name

To round off this list, I would like to recommend a romantic tale that’s so unusual to the ordinary rom com or romantic drama. It’s a story about two people who switch bodies for certain days and learn to help one another become more of themselves than they would have had this experience not happened. More than that this is a story about our connection to the universe and how much we’re all connected in this thread of time, truly cementing that we’re never truly alone in this world and that we are always loved.

I hope these films fill your day with so many heartfelt moments, while also highlighting that the value of Valentine’s Day needn’t be so simple as romantic love, it’s about love of all

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