Parents & Carers

P2P have been working with parents, families and carers of many people with different disabilities through their major life transitions.  The times can be difficult to work out what to do and are emotionally difficult or parents and families help their loved one move through to their next life milestone.

Normally when a person is over 18, if they need support a parent, family member or carer might be nominated by the participant or by QCAT to assist them with the NDIS. Our unique background honors the expertise and experience of parents and carers while challenging and offering options to consider in your next steps into the future.

In particular, we are especially good at helping parents and carers with the challenges that come when their child is preparing for and leaving school, wanting to move into independent living, or when the time comes to start preparing for a future without their parent or carer as a primary source of support.  Sometimes we just provide a safe space as a sounding board or good listeners to think out loud some of your ideas.


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