What work do we do with schools?

We work closely with Special Schools and Special Education Units in some of the bigger schools doing Junior P.A.T.Hs with year 10 students.  This coincides with their set plan and helps them to identify and execute goals to help them in the transition from school to post-school life.

We also work alongside students, staff and families when there is a need to create a full-size P.A.T.H plan for a student, prior to leaving school and making their transition.

What is a Junior P.A.T.H?

  • It has been developed by Parent to Parent Toowoomba Facilitator Steven Paull.
  • It incorporates Person Centred Planning and a simple to use path template with lots of pictures and images.
  • It is specifically for students in grade 10 to assist them to clarify their dreams and goals.
  • It also assists teachers in working with students to develop their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plans.

This is an especially effective tool in planning transitions and regular review processes for young people with additional support needs.

Example of a Junior P.A.T.H
Example of a Junior P.A.T.H

Why should you have a Junior P.A.T.H done?

  • It gives you a way of sharing your dreams.
  • It gives you a plan to reach your goals.
  • It gives you a timeline and first steps to take.
  • It establishes who you need to enrol to assist you.
  • It gives you a way to tell others about what you want from life.
  • It gives you a voice.
  • It allows you to celebrate who you are.

What schools do we currently work in?

Aspley Special School

Caboolture Special School

Currimundi Special School

Mitchelton Special School

Mountain Creek State High School 

Nambour Special School

Redcliffe Special School 

How can p2p work in your school?

We provide a welcoming and impartial environment for teachers, students, and families to plan and connect together.  Call us today on 1800 777 723 to organise a planning session at your school.


Kaitlyn infront of her P.A.T.H
Kaitlyn infront of her P.A.T.H

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