Projects and Collaborations

Parent to Parent are part of the following industry bodies and collaborations

Inclusion Australia

As QLD state body, we bring together groups across Australia who are connected to people with intellectual disability and who are committed to the shared vision of inclusion in all aspects of Australian life.

Loud and Clear Self Advocacy Group

Loud and Clear Qld was formed in 2014. It is a group of people with intellectual disability who speak up and self-advocate.
Learn more about Loud and Clear here.

Here Now Next

Equity Works has received 12 months funding to assist young people with disabilities access real, sustainable, and open employment.  

The project is called Here, Now, Next and will engage young people (funding guidelines specify that we work with people aged 14-24 years), their families and supporters, and intentional employers to look at diverse opportunities for meaningful employment.


Project Coordinator


Community Engagement and Development


Community Engagement and Development


Community Engagement and Development

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