P2P Professional Services

With 21 years experience we have navigated through many changes in governments, funding trends, and three letter acronyms! As winners of the Sunshine Coast Business of the Year Awards for Social Enterprise, we are proud to assist other organisations with their growth and development. We have assisted people with disabilities, carers, and innovative support workers to develop their ideas into social enterprises.

We take a community development approach to influencing our local communities and offer the opportunity for any person with a disability a chance to bring an idea that doesn’t fit into ‘traditional’ models to life.

Providing professional services to other businesses, such as not-for-profits and schools. This is a fee for service business to business consultancy. Under the P2P Services banner we also act as an umbrella organisation (auspice) for other informal community groups to assist with their community-led projects and aspirations.

Any active member of our not-for-profit association can apply for us to assist in auspicing and project managing their own projects. Contact us to find out more.


Community Engagement and Development


Community Engagement and Development


Community Engagement and Development

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