We need your support!

As of the 30th of June, Parent to Parent, will be losing the funding used to provide peer groups, information and referral and self-advocacy services.  This will severely impact our ability to provide peer groups, information and referral and self-advocacy services across Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane regions.

Our plan management services are not affected.

The loss of funding will affect staff including people with disabilities and parents of people with disabilities.

Without funding, peer groups that have been supporting people with disabilities and their families for the past four years would no longer continue.  

So what can you do?

We need your help bringing this issue to the attention of our politicians, specifically, we need you to send them letters to help get support for P2P.

We have made this as easy as possible for you; if you follow the link below, you’ll find a letter template.  You can also add your own story or thoughts to the letter.

Please help by sending your letters to politicians today!

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Or you can also write your own email and let politicians know what the impact of these closures will mean for you and those you know.



Copy and paste the following letter – feel free to personalise it with your own paragraph of your own experiences. Even if you don’t personalise it, your voice is still so important, every letter counts!

Dear _____________,


I am writing to seek your support to secure funding so Parent to Parent (P2P) can continue to support Queenslanders with disabilities and their families. 


P2P provides specialist, tailored services to people with intellectual disabilities and families in the areas of self advocacy, peer support, information and referral and have done so for the past 25 years.  Whilst we have delivered statewide projects, our daily work and operations are targeted to Central Queensland, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane regions.  


30th June, 2024 brings with it the conclusion of the Stand by Me Project – an ILC funded project that employs 9 people with a disability, 7 with intellectual disability, 4 parents of a person with a disability who required an opportunity to re-enter the workforce and build their skills after long term caring roles and 4 coordinators with both professional and lived experience. These roles were based in Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Redcliffe regions. This project saw the establishment of peer groups in these regions and have been supporting people with intellectual disabilities and families for the past 4 years. 


P2P had two applications in the recent Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building – Individual Capacity Building 2024-2025 grant round. 


We were approached by a newly formed group, Raising Minds, with a specialty in the Mental Health sector to Auspice their application.  This grant was successful and we are very appreciative of the opportunity to support this group.  However, this project was not designed to support the core work of P2P.


The second application, which was unsuccessful, was to allow us to deliver more peer group activities, information and referral, self advocacy and provide genuine employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities across Queensland.


As P2P did not secure further funding via the current ILC grant rounds, we will no longer be able to provide employment or support to the hundreds of people connected to the Stand by Me project. It is important to note that people with intellectual disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups within the disability cohort and then if you have geographical challenges such as living in regional and remote areas you have a cohort that is under-resourced, unsupported and even more marginalised. The Stand by Me project was able to reach this at risk group and make a difference.


Like other grass roots organisations, P2P’s community development and individual capacity building work has become entirely dependent on  competitive grant rounds.  This puts an extreme amount of pressure and uncertainty on the organisation, staff and the community we support.  P2P is an inclusive employer that employs people with intellectual disabilities in properly paid roles, without government subsidies.


From 30 June, people with disabilities will lose their jobs, people with intellectual disabilities will lose their jobs, and people with years of experience of working within the sector will lose their jobs. 


This funding loss risks 25 years of government  investment in P2P, we were one of the organisations that successfully rolled out the NDIS Readiness program across Queensland. Our organisation has a wealth of knowledge, experience, skills, networks and connections.


The most public loss is the risk to the Loud and Clear Qld program.  Loud and Clear Qld is a self advocacy group for adults with intellectual disability.   You may recall that you met Payge and other members of Loud and Clear Qld at the Brisbane “NDIS Review Town Hall Meeting”. You used the phrase ‘Loud and Clear’ in your comments that day and we were very encouraged by your response.


The self advocacy that Loud and Clear Qld has been able to generate is invaluable and has reduced the dependence on the Government by people with disabilities and their families.


We know our community and they know us and trust us.


The failure of the grant application system to recognise the value of P2P’s work has a significant impact on the organisation and the many people we support.


I urgently request a meeting with you to discuss the ongoing support of Parent to Parent to enable us to continue to provide this critical work after June 2024. 


Yours sincerely,

Your Name Here