What is Mainstream And Me?

The Mainstream And Me project is funded by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) – ILC National Readiness Grants.

P2P, alongside other Inclusion Australia agency members, from New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania have identified areas of specific need and engagement within their state-based scope to address as part of the Mainstream and Me project delivery.

Mainstream And Me seeks to build the capacity of People with Intellectual Disability to identify their particular needs and aspirations to enable their engagement with mainstream organisations and services.

This project provides training for people with intellectual disability. It enables them to create engaging workshops to present in the wider community to encourage greater engagement and employment opportunities in the mainstream.

Training commenced in 2017.  The team of presenters and we will be delivering workshops across multiple sectors in various locations in early 2018.

Mainstream And Me logo
Mainstream And Me logo

How is P2P involved with Mainstream And Me?

P2P is the National Project Leader for The Mainstream And Me.  We also have a State-based team engaging in initiatives to address the gaps in knowledge that exist within mainstream employment opportunities. The team is comprised of eight trainee workshop presenters, who identify with intellectual disability, an Educator team and State Coordinators overseeing engagement and education opportunities.

How do you get in contact with them?

Veronica Wain is the National Project Officer for Mainstream And Me, her email is ilc@p2pqld.org.au