For you, by you!

Learn and strengthen your skills to reach your goals!  We are offering one on one sessions to develop a personalised project
 for you, by you.

Personalised Projects - For you, By you!

Personalised Projects is an opportunity for you and/or your family to explore what you need to reach your goals and choose how you do this. P2P has codesigned a set of activities and tools for people with disabilities and their families to build their skills and knowledge to fulfil their goals. With the support of our facilitators, you will be able to create and plan a project of your choice.

Each project will have a purpose and a timeline decided by you. You will be able to choose which activities and tools will assist you in reaching your goals. For example: You may be interested in joining a drumming circle but don’t know where to start.

Together, we can map out what is available in your community.  We can go together to check out any existing activities or start a new activity in your area. Our facilitators have lived experience of disability and strong networks.


Other Examples:

  • Exploring further education providers – TAFE or workshops
  • Liaise with education providers and explore vocational interests. 
  • Create a digital presence safely.
  • Write a blog.
  • Attend or create a sensory movie night 
  • Sampling or creating business networks to your expertise.
  • Find or start a walking group.
  • Find arts and crafts groups.
  • Coffee, Movie, or Book Clubs.
  • Business planning and mapping
  • Engage and sell products in community markets.

These one on one sessions are charged at $74.63 and are available for payment through an NDIS plan.  Options for plan-managed or self-managed include Core and Capacity Building Line Items or for NDIA-managed plans Core Line Items.


Matt has been on this journey with Aesthetic Home Access (AHA) since the very beginning by using the Impacto System. Which I found a lot of fun while learning to follow their system to map out a plan for the future. As I was in the middle of my own renovations, we then made a plan to start in earnest later in 2024, when I can use my own home as a display home. Showing how everything I have done is for a very practical reason while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and on budget. Matt has been a great support, listening to all my hare-brained ideas yet always guiding me back to my plan for my future.

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