Role: projects, services
Role Description: Community Engagement and Development

About me

Health and happiness is key to my wellbeing. I love shiny things and am always on the lookout for
the next exciting challenge in life.
I am a believer that change is inevitable and challenges through change make us more
knowledgeable humans.
A student forever.

My Super Powers

A Queen Conversationalist / human centred / strategic pragmatist / team player and supporter. Qualified – Diploma of Community Services /Cert 1V community development / Partnership Broker and too many more to mention.

Favourite quote

“Be thankful for the closed doors, detours and roadblocks. They protect you from paths and places not meant for you.” Sherri Bishop

Top 3 favourite podcasts/book

Seth Godin “Purple Cow” / “Small is the new BIG”
Michelle Obama “Becoming”
Trent Dalton “Boy Swallows the Universe”

What I do at P2P

Connecting is a key part of my role, this takes a lot of research, networking and actioning. I’m project driven a lot of time which involves collaborations locally, state and nationally building strong foundations to support the growth of the families we represent.

Something I’d like to change about the NDIS/Disability Industry/Community

I live for the day that businesses open up to all abilities in the work force, working together is where the magic happens and perceptions change.

I love working at P2P because…

Team work and a great team can be found under the roof of P2P. I like not being a number and instead being asked for my opinion on many directions that we venture into. The families and people with disabilities is what inspires us to achieve great outcomes. We are not perfect but imperfection leaves room for improvement.

When I’m not at work I love…

Being in my garden. I’m one of the world’s most tragic gardeners. I think I’ve killed many plants but at the end of the day the joy being covered in dirt just does wonders for my soul and complexion.

Something on my bucket list

To live in two countries with a 6 month turn around (Australia & India).

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