Mike Peers

Mike Peers started work at the age of 18 as a Chef. It was, however, his family’s involvement with fostering that ignited his interest in working in the Human Services Sector.

Mike’s work and interest in the disability and mental health and housing areas saw him involved in a research project documenting accommodation needs and the barriers faced by people with mental health concerns. It also looked at the capacity of local services to provide the necessary assistance.

Mike participated in an Advisory group whose aim was to coordinate and plan activities for people experiencing mental health difficulties, while also connecting regularly with medical and allied health staff at the Caboolture hospital in his role as Mental Health Case Manager.

Mike, worked in the sector for many years and now experiences his own disability and brings personal insight and experience to his role as a Board Member. When Mike lost his job as a result of being diagnosed with a disability he became a Participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Mike is keen to use his experiences to help other people with a disability get the life they desire.