Our People

You are the most important person to us at P2P.

Our Independent Plan Managers understand that quality service, listening and respecting your plans and ideas is an expectation set by our core values.

Did you know we are a not for profit organisation?

That means you can also choose to become a member of our Association. In this way we are partners in your success as much as you are part of our success.

Financial Intermediaries (Plan Management)

Paying your invoices and making payment claims from the NDIS on your behalf. Supporting you to spend your NDIS plan creatively and in the way that best meets your goals, your way. Check out our FAQ on our plan management service.

P.A.T.H Planning

Sometimes it’s hard to work out how you are going to achieve your dreams. PATH planning is a way to map out your hopes and dreams and identify the challenges and opportunities to put in place a plan to get there. Perfect for school leavers, people with an intellectual disability or literacy challenges who prefer graphics to express themselves, and for planning major life transitions.