What is Your Life Your Choice (YLYC)?

Your Life Your Choice (YLYC) is a QLD initiative, designed so people with a disability or their carer can self-direct their allocated funding.

This gives the person with a disability and their family or carer choice and control over what is most important for the person’s care, and how their support needs should be met.

Parent to Parent (P2P) works with individuals, families and communities to plan the reasonable and necessary supports that can be purchased with the funding.

Am I eligible?

We are an endorsed YLYC Host Provider, so if you receive individual funding or post-school packages from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, contact us on 1800 777 723 to find out if we can help you!


Picture of a girl holding a sign with the word Independence
Picture of a girl holding a sign with the word Independence

YLYC/Self-Directed Funding Options

P2P offers two self-directed funding options for people with a disability and their families. A 3% and 5% option.

Both options include:

  • There is a $200 establishment fee (which is a one-off charge per person for first funding package and $50 for subsequent packages*).
  • P2P receives your funding from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Disability Services) on your behalf.
  • P2P is responsible for all of the Departments reporting requirements.
  • The person/family receive an initial plan and budget.
  • The person/family is entitled to advise about purchases and budgets (1 hour of contact per month).

* P2P reserves the right to negotiate any increases in administration fees should the need arise.

3% option provides:

  • P2P transfers the funds to you monthly into a nominated separate bank account. A copy of the statement from this account needs to be sent to P2P monthly.
  • The person/family pay invoices relevant to their plan and provides the invoices and/or receipts to P2P for processing for reporting and auditing purposes.

5% option provides:

  • P2P pays all expenses connected to the individual’s funding and plan. Invoices can be paid direct to suppliers. Alternatively, reimbursements can be made for payments that have already been made on production of receipts.

What is not provided:

  • Staff – recruiting, training or managing staff on your behalf (P2P is not a direct support service provider and does not employ support workers, therefore we are unable to assist in the provision or management of staff).
  • The person/family will be required to arrange and pay for all necessary insurances and adhere to all of the conditions outlined in the Award when paying staff.

Additional Services available:

The services listed below attract fees which are able to be deducted from your YLYC funding. When you transition to the NDIS, these fees can be included in your plan and paid directly to Parent to Parent by the NDIA, not using your NDIS funds.