What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination provides you with a person or an agency to help you implement your NDIS plan and:

  • explain what you can spend money on in each category
  • engage service providers
  • set up service agreements
  • help resolve any issues for the support you require.

A Support Coordinator is not responsible for rostering staff or paying for services, but they can help you understand how rostering and budgeting work, and support you to learn those skills for yourself. Your Support Coordinator can also assist you with your second year’s plan.

This is the physical act of implementing your plan to meet your goals.  The financial management of your plan (or paying the bills) is called plan management. Find out more here >>

How do I get Support Coordination in my NDIS Plan?

You can request Support Coordination even if you are self-managed, agency managed, or plan managed. You must request Support Coordination at your NDIS planning meeting. To be granted Support Coordination will mean you have complexities that require more than just connecting to supports.

Veronica, Charlotte and Rhonda at a Support Coordination meeting
Veronica, Charlotte and Rhonda at a Support Coordination meeting

Why choose P2P as your Support Coordinator?

We are independent support coordinators with over 20 years’ experience collaborating with people with disabilities through their series of life transitions.

P2P is here to enable you to access the right support to ensure the goals identified in your NDIS Plan are realised. The Support Coordinators connect you with your local community, the material supports and services needed to bring your plan to life.

Our role is to:

  • empower you and those around you.
  • work with you so that your unique goals can be realised.
  • find best supports and services available in your region.

We can help you:

  • Read and understand your NDIS plan and funding categories
  • Help you use your online NDIS participant portal MyPlace
  • Find and engage service providers or mainstream activities
  • Implement your plan and help you work towards your goals
  • Help you access support if you are in crisis
  • Access quotes and assessments when needed (eg: home modifications)
  • Work alongside you to develop your goals for your 2nd-year plan or get you back on track when your plans change

Funding for Support Coordination and Financial Plan Management is paid by the NDIS but you must ask for it at your NDIS planning meeting.

Call us today on 1800 777 723 to book your pre-planning session.

Download one of our factsheets for more information:

Support Coordination vs Plan Management Fact Sheet

Independent Support Coordination Fact Sheet

Financial Plan Management Fact Sheet