What is Financial Plan Management?

This is where a nominated NDIA plan manager processes invoices through the NDIA portal and pays the invoices to the service providers on your behalf.

How does Financial Plan Management work?

P2P is an established NDIA plan manager. We have been working as a host provider for a number of years, working with families and people with disabilities. We listen and assist you to utilise your funding within the category descriptions from the NDIA.

Why choose P2P as your Financial Plan Manager?

We provide Plan Management to support your financial responsibilities under the scheme. If you have chosen to self-direct, you may still be able to access our services as you learn the ropes. See the Factsheet below for a quick snapshot of Plan Management options available on request at your planning meeting.

P2P Plan Manager at Computer
P2P Plan Management

What does a Financial Plan Manager do and don’t do?

  • Financial Plan Managers can process invoices from any service provider (not just NDIA registered service providers) provided they fall into the NDIA categories the Plan Manager has been nominated to manage.

  • They cannot provide financial advice.

  • Financial Plan Managers can check invoices meet NDIA requirements.

  • Financial Plan Managers cannot check the accuracy of invoices in terms of the service provided, for example, the number of hours a service was used for. However, we can arrange to send copies of invoices to the participants for them to check these details before we process the invoice.

  • If an invoice does not match any categories on your plan we will advise you of this, however, the Financial Plan Manager cannot assist you with a plan amendment. You will need to contact your support coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

What happens if my funds run out? Can I get more funding if I need it?

The Plan Manager will monitor spending and advise you if money is running low. It is not usually possible to obtain additional funding, therefore, it is essential that you have a budget. A plan manager can provide limited assistance with this. Service providers should also be able to assist you with planning a budget.

If your circumstances have changed, you need to contact the NDIA with the assistance of your support coordinator or your local LAC. An example of this is where the primary carer is no longer able to look after the person either temporarily or permanently. Traditionally this was called emergency or crisis respite.

Funding for Financial Plan Management and Support Coordination is paid by the NDIS on top of your funding.  You need to ask for it at your NDIS planning meeting.

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Download our factsheets for more information:

Financial Plan Management Fact Sheet

Support Coordination vs Plan Management Fact Sheet

Independent Support Coordination Fact Sheet