What is Capacity Building?

How does Capacity Building work?

What line items in the NDIS Price Guide can I use to access Capacity Building?

Can I access Capacity Building if my area hasn’t had NDIS roll out in it yet?

P2P has created 6 Workshops to help individuals and families …

These 6 Workshops are offered separately as a ‘value add’ to our participants after they have received their NDIS funding.  They can be paid for out of your funding so there is no out of pocket expense for you.

The 6 Workshops consists of:

1.Validating Your Story:

This workshop is a half-day workshop and is for family members have a safe and supportive space in which to share their personal story, explore their roles and have their experiences in life validated. Participants receive …

2. In Case of Emergency (I.C.E):

This workshop is a half-day workshop and works well following on from Validating Your Story. It explores areas of our life when something unforeseen should occur. The session enables the participant to identify information relevant to them and the person they support. Participants work through an I.C.E kit which is then laminated by P2P and sent back to them.

3. Person Centred Thinking (PCT):

This entire day is dedicated to PCT- the importance of it, the thinking behind it and the skills needed to be in place to support a good PCT environment. Participants will explore various PCT tools and show how to put them in place.  This workshop is great as a stand-alone day and can benefit everyone (family members, people with a disability and support staff).

4.Finding and Hiring Support Workers and Support Workers in Your Home:

The morning workshop is all about finding, advertising, interviewing, training, paying and insuring support workers. Participants receive….

The afternoon workshop explores tools to help both the support worker and the person they support to have a positive experience both in the home and in the community. Participants receive …

5. Good to Exceptional Support Workers:

This workshop is a full day training to get from good to exceptional.  Tools, theories, experiences and training.  Great for both family members, participants and support staff. Participants receive….

6. My Life Pass Workshop (putting it all together):

This workshop is another full day where you put together all the tools that you have learned in workshops 1-4 and create a book about the person that is being supported.  It will include the ICE, One Page Profile, relevant tools and diagrams from the PCT workshop.  The finished booklet will be given to each participant for them to keep.