Loretta Kreet

I am the parent of two children, one of whom has a disability. I am a Lawyer with Legal Aid Queensland’s consumer protection unit. My involvement in disability issues is widespread and I am a passionate social justice advocate. I am a board member of the Credit and Investment Ombudsman Limited. I am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In the disability area, besides undertaking advocacy activities on behalf of my own child and other children, I assist in my capacity as a consumer protection lawyer for clients with an impaired capacity. I have a keen interest in credit and debt issues as they affect people with an impaired capacity.

I have promoted the importance of informed consent when selling goods and services to people with an Intellectual Disability and universal accessibility issues for all consumers accessing complaints mechanisms in the telecommunications and financial services sector.

I have been a member of Parent to Parent since 2000. One of the things I have most enjoyed over the many years with Parent to Parent is having the opportunity to be part of training events with other parents some of this training focusing on social justice which is an affirmation of my own beliefs and values.