P.A.T.H Facilitator Training

This is a 2-day workshop. Ticket price covers both days.

The process of creating one person’s or groups’ PATH is, in fact, more creative than technical. To this end, these tools must be used with skill and heart, by practitioners grounded in an ethic of doing no harm.

Effective use of the PATH process is not simply a matter of technique, it is an art. There are technical competencies to master, but this is not the difficult part. As an art, the person-centred planning requires facilitators to be able to truly listen to people’s dreams.

Who should attend this workshop?

People that support someone living with disability, family members, community workers, health professionals, and teachers.

What will people get from this course?
Understand the basic process of PATH Understand the different roles within each process and have the opportunity to experience the different roles for themselves The time to explore their own and others’ dreams.

Confidence in using graphics through learning simple tools and practicing in a safe environment Thinking in different ways about recording information and problem solving Be able to co-facilitate a PATH

What is a PATH?
A PATH sets out a person’s dreams, their positive and possible goals, charts a time-lined action plan that includes who will join the person in achieving their goals and dreams.

PATH tools help restore dreams and ignite hope by drawing people together to envision and plan and enact constructive futures. They are not just another way of doing a service or individual plan; they represent a different way of thinking. PATH was designed by Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and John O’Brien as healing tools for people and for organisations. They assist individuals and organisations in the process of identifying problems and solutions and planning for the future.

‘It’s not ethical to plan with a person if the plans don’t confront the persons’s exclusion and doesn’t aim to create a more just, diverse and inclusive community’

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Matt Armstrong
Hi my name is Matt and I live with my family in Morningside. I have a personal interest in supporting meaningful relationships within education for people with learning disabilities. Two years ago I completed a Master of Human Services, incorporating an independent study on PATH and mental health wellness at Griffith University.
My work background stems from promoting wellness and community inclusion for people living with mental ill health. I have worked in Brisbane for the 25 years as a community and development worker and have positive connections in Brisbane.

Beth Hawes
My name is Beth and I live on the Sunshine Coast with my wonderful husband and two terrific children. My background is in the service industry, retiring from American Airlines after 30 years of service.

When my daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2009, my family and I began a journey which has been both challenging and rewarding. We have learned much along the way and continue to gain knowledge and understanding of what is available to and for families and people with disabilities. I became aware of the Parent to Parent Organisation during an expo at my daughter’s special school. I am happy to be a part of a team that strives to assist, enhance and enable the outcomes and lives of families and people living with disabilities.

Matt and I have spent a great deal of time in the last four years, working alongside participants who have chosen to have a Path plan created. We know that Path is a powerful and effective Person Centred Thinking tool and has the potential to create wonderful outcomes for people with disabilities and the people who support them.
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