Stand By Me Gladstone

To end 2023 we had our last Stand by Me Peer Group on the 11th of December also combined with P2P’s 25th anniversary celebration.

We had a very good morning with just over 40 attendees at the Maxine Brushe Meeting Room Philip Street Communities and Family Precinct. 

Invitations were extended to all who are currently connected to P2P or have been involved with P2P in the last 25 years.

Gaye, Katrina, Sharon and Anita also shared some words about their time with P2P.  They talked about how P2P has evolved in Gladstone and how their lives have been positively impacted.

Judy Young spoke about the beginnings of P2P and how it has supported many families over the years. People attending spoke about their association with P2P and how they have come to realise the role they have played and how many years their involvement goes back.

People were also amazed at how many connections they had with others in the room. Everyone was grateful to be invited and attend and said they enjoyed themselves.

Comments following the event were encouraging and supportive of P2P and our celebration event.